Projects, we realise, are the back-bone of everything we do in the QuantFin Foundation. Individuals interested in finance, economics and quantitative methods will find interesting events, meetings and competitions that will help them learn and work on their soft skills.


QuantInvest is a competition co-organised with CFA Society Poland. Teams consisting of Bachelor’s, Master’s and/or PhD students aim to construct an investment portfolio based on economic, financial and alternative datasets. Strategy or portfolio, should be based on a deep research utilizing not only quantitative methods and econometrics but state-of-the-art machine learning methods as well.

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Launch your career

Launch Your Career is based on lunch-time meeting, where a couple of students meet industry representatives in an informal setting. Usually, the invited individual is either a board member, a director or a manager. So far, we have successfully completed a number of such meetings, where students had the opportunity to uncover the pros and cons of day-to-day activities and their future work perspectives within capital markets, banking, finance or economics industries.

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Enhance Your Chance

Enhance Your Change gives the opportunity to learn tools and technical skills needed to succeed in the quantitative finance industry as well as soft skills such as making a perfect resume, writing an excellent cover letter or acing the interview.

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Career Days

Career Days are our jobs fair, where we aim to explain the complicated corporate ladders and day-to-day activities that you can encounter in your future career. We want you to understand the reality of working in both private and public sectors as well as for non-profit organisations, academia or in startups.

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Research Hub

Place for students, researchers and professionals interested in academic publications. The core of QuantFin’s business as usual is the exchange of knowledge and research, through offering help in academic research and publication process. We aim to provide end-to-end support, by connecting the researchers with common interests and offering help in the peer review process. When the research meets our criteria, we would like to invite you to publish it as a QuantFin Working Paper. In the mid-term, we aim to expand and pivot into a Research Team of highly skilled individuals solving the toughest problems in the quantitative research space.

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