We support the professional development of young people who are interested in quantitative methods, mathematics and computer science in the area of finance.

The QuantFin Foundation was established in 2012 on the initiative of graduates of the Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Warsaw, who wanted to connect students with incredible work opportunities.

Our ambitious goals come about in response to the growing popularity of a modern approach to financial markets and quantitative finance – fields covering financial engineering, risk management and quantitative methods in economics. 

By creating a bridge between innovative employers, and ambitious students we have a real impact on shaping the market – let’s make more positive changes together! 

The Board

Weronika Czaplewska

Board Chairwoman

While studying at the University of Warsaw, I worked in several research institutes, where I had the opportunity to meet outstanding academics who inspired me to pursue my master’s degree in London (London School of Economics). Studying abroad gave me a new perspective for further professional development. Currently, I am a strategic manager in a tech company. I also worked as a macroeconomics expert in the public sector. My interest oscillates around education.


My goal is to develop in QuantFin a thriving community of people who share common interests. I hope that the Foundation will be a platform for the exchange of knowledge between the academy, business, and students. I believe in the potential of young people and I am sure that they (we!) are able to set trends in the fields of finance and economics.

Kamil Korzeń 

Board Member

Kamil is an experienced Quant Researcher and Data Scientist with experience in Finance and Tech companies. He is interested in describing the world around him with advanced statistical and machine learning models, whether it is financial time series and market micro-structure or product analytics in technological companies. He is dedicated to making research and academic innovations available to everyone. Currently, he works as Data Scientist in one of the biggest and fastest-growing Polish startups. In his spare time, he likes to watch the latest Formula 1 Grand Prix or code an algorithmic trading strategy.


Kamil’s goal for this year is to strengthen QuantFin’s Research Hub, by doubling down on the open-source research initiative and develop the scientific side of the Foundation’s projects and competitions further. He wishes to fulfill the desire for research and innovation of students and young professionals in the financial industry

Zuzanna Rabiej

Board Member

Zuzanna is a business development professional passionate about how technology impacts and changes how people interact, communicate and work together to make businesses thrive. Experienced in establishing and strengthening lasting commercial relationships, she is a software sales manager at a tech startup and leads all business operations at the QuantFin Foundation.  When she isn’t working, you’ll find Zuzanna playing squash, cooking, or reading adult fiction. 


Zuzanna’s goal for this year is to transform the foundation into an ecosystem filled with opportunities for students to find their way in the rapidly changing career environment. She will accomplish this by building a strong network of mentors and advisers, giving all the students the space to best prepare for their dream jobs, and empower them to reach for the stars!

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The Council

Robert Florczykowski

Council Chairman

Piotr Piszczek

Council Member

Wojciech Zdunkiewicz

Council Member