Apart from formalised partnerships we are open to connect with the best student associations in Poland or abroad. We aim to cooperate on research matters or any other initiative that you or your association find relevant.

1. Promotion on the Foundation’s fanpage.

2. Academic support during the events organised by a student society.

3. Academic support in researches conducted by a student society.

4. Fast-track recruitment process to the Foundation

We cooperate with

Federation of Polish Student Societies in the UK

The main aim of the Federation is to foster cooperation between Polish Student Societies in the UK by providing guidance to local and nationwide initiatives and representing the interest of Polish students in the UK on the national and international level.

Investor’s Club

 The aim of the Club is to attract ambitious students, who are not afraid to take risks and to invest their time to create something meaningful. The Club give them responsibility and help them establish their goals. In return they see students who are creative, ambitious and self-motivated by the satisfaction of doing a good job.