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Enhance your chance it is a certificated course that will lead you through the latest megatrends in quantitative finance. You will develop analytical and technical skills related to quantitative finance as well as soft skills needed in a dynamic world of finance.

The course consists of 5 webinars held online and a final networking event. To get the certificate you will need to attend 3 out of 5 webinars and prepare a short essay regarding one of the chosen topics. Each webinar will be led by experts from business, academia, and partnership organizations.

The course is dedicated mainly to students and young professionals, but all Quant Fellows are welcome to attend. No matter what country you are from, sign up. 

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The concept and application of ESG in modern finance on the example of BNY Mellon. How important is it in times of climate, economic and social crises to invest in companies that share and promote the concept of ESG? The purpose of the workshop is to present issues in finance related to ESG. BNY Mellon case will be discussed.

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What do we know (and do not know) about diversity and inclusion issues in finance?

What do diversity and inclusion mean in finance? During the webinar topic regarding operationalisation challenges (definitions, measurement, models, etc.) and strengths and weaknesses of popular D&I research reports will be discussed. 

Join us at 6PM CET TIME

Impact. 28 April 2022

Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) in the High-Frequency Trading (HFT)

What exactly High-Frequency Trading means? How can XAI helps us understand phenomena that are hard to notice? How does the process of creating algorithms that are designed to help the stock exchange achieve the highest possible turnover?

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How do financial options work? What are option pricing methods? There are several methods. After the short introduction to derivatives, during the lecture Black-Scholes method, Monte Carlo method, and binomial tree method will be discussed.


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Ethics in finance


Long-term business relationships vs short-term profits. The dilemma in commodities trading.

How unethical management can lead to economic disasters.


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Networking opportunity

The network is not something you build over the week or month, it’s a career-long project. To benefit from it you should start today. People with similar interests will be here.


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Hard skills are an essential element to work in sectors that exercise quantitative methods. QuantFin Foundation is focused on sharing knowledge and enabling participants to acquire skills from the best academic teachers and specialists in the quantitative finance market.

At the workshops, participants will have the opportunity not only to listen to lectures on popular methods in the field of finance, risk management, or machine learning but also to test these methods in practice using the materials provided, e.g. a code repository or an interactive notebook.



Nowadays, well-developed hard competences are not enough to become a leader or expert in quantitative fields. Interpersonal competences are more and more important. These are both skills related to cooperation, communication, independence and perseverance, as well as the self-presentation or the ability to prepare a perfect CV. As part of the workshops, participants will have the opportunity to practice these competences under the guidance of experts from the private, public and academic sectors. Since workshops are dedicated to those interested in quantitative industries, finance or economics, participants will get a good dose of knowledge about key soft skills necessary in these sectors.

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