Enhance Your Chance

enhance your chance

Thanks to Enhance Your Chance you will develop both your hard skills (knowlage and tools necessary to work in the field of quantitative finance) and soft skills (interpersonal skills, presentation, creating a CV, preparation for job interviews in the fields of financial mathematics, economics or capital markets).



Hard skills are an essential element to work in sectors that exercise quantitative methods. QuantFin Foundation is focused on sharing knowledge and enabling participants to acquire skills from the best academic teachers and specialists in the quantitative finance market.


At the workshops, participants will have the opportunity not only to listen to lectures on popular methods in the field of finance, risk management, or machine learning but also to test these methods in practice using the materials provided, e.g. a code repository or an interactive notebook. Foundation also aims to offer the so-called boot camps that would consist of several meetings or workshop days.

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Nowadays, well-developed hard competences are not enough to become a leader or expert in quantitative fields. Interpersonal competences are more and more important. These are both skills related to cooperation, communication, independence and perseverance, as well as the self-presentation or the ability to prepare a perfect CV. As part of the workshops, participants will have the opportunity to practice these competences under the guidance of experts from the private, public and academic sectors. Since workshops are dedicated to those interested in quantitative industries, finance or economics, participants will get a good dose of knowledge about key soft skills necessary in these sectors.

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Our mission is to support young people in the development their skills in finance, economy and quantitative methods. Cooperation with us will bring your company closer to members of the Quantfin Foundation – young, talented, ambitious people who are pearls on the labor market.