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Are you studying quantitative methods, mathematics, physics or computer science? We believe the world of finance is for you!

Emerging from behind the iron curtain only three decades ago, the Polish financial market has not yet managed to adapt all the innovations and solutions used in some mature markets. However, there is a dynamic development in the field of Quantitative Finance - with many hedge funds and investment companies, whose investment philosophy is based on statistical methods. The quantitative approach in banks and other enterprises is also growing rapidly.

Unfortunately, many firms struggle to reach the right people, with the unique academic skills who also want to apply them in practice. Another issue is the ignorance of students' expectations in this regard.

Let's change that together! Our goal is to create a platform enabling the exchange of information between students and employers in all fields that use mathematical and technical tools in finance (including financial risk, management departments, and bank departments responsible for the construction of structured products or dealing with financial instruments trading).

On our website, we publish both interesting job offers, and tips on the steps you can take (e.g. certification) to strengthen your position on the market.

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