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QuantFin Foundation



Since 2012, the QuantFin Foundation has empowered young, talented people to dream big and reach their full career and academic potential. Our goal is to support the professional development of all students in the field of quantitative methods, mathematics, and computer science, who have a keen interest in finance, insurance, and banking.

The Foundation is made up of young people who already have experience on the market, but still remember being at university. We are open to cooperating with employers, student organisations and individuals who want to work to have a real impact on the market.

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Educating in the field of quantitative methods, finance and economics

Empowering students on the path to professional development

Encouraging solutions based on sustainable development, equality, and fairness

Enable young people to join the world of academia and business




The activities of the Foundation oscillate around 5 projects addressed to current students and graduates with varying degrees of advancement in the field of quantitative finance.